This was a first for us our son was leaving to have a gap year in Europe and we thought it would be a great idea to have a going away party.  

I thought it best to start with my area of expertise – Food!!!  I did my research and apparently teenagers eat up to 25% more than adults.  I was getting mixed messages from my son he was telling me that no-one eats at parties.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry so I thought I would over cater knowing that we had Christmas round the corner anything leftover could be used then.  It was important to stay simple –  the criteria for my recipe selection was everything could be frozen, the recipes were easy to prepare and had simple flavours that would be enjoyed by everyone – even the fussy eaters (it was best to stick with comfort food).  With all the alcohol that was going to be consumed it was important for our teenagers to eat and eat food that would absorb the alcohol. 

Sausage Rolls  http://www.whatsfordinnermum.com.au/pork/sausage-rolls/
Quiche Lorraine  
Quiche Caramelised Onion  
Japanese Chicken Meatballs  http://www.whatsfordinnermum.com.au/chicken/tsukune-japanese-chicken-meatballs/
Spinach Triangles  
Thai Chicken Sausage Rolls  
Crunchy Thai and Peanut Chicken Cakes  http://www.whatsfordinnermum.com.au/chicken/crunch-thai-chicken-and-peanut-cakes/
Pork Noodle Balls  
Chocolate Brownies served with Strawberries and Blueberries  

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